Unpacking the pandemic’s impact on brand safety

March 26, 2020 | Share this article

We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming on media futures and turn our attention to the present and the near-term future. In response to the ongoing pandemic, we will be coming out with weekly episodes that provide timely information, market intelligence, and actionable insights on COVID-19’s impact on the media and advertising landscape. We are all in this together and want to make sure our listeners have the best information possible in order to make the tough decisions every company is facing during these challenging times.

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This week Scott and Adam are joined by Jon Stimmel, Chief Investment Officer at UM and Joshua Lowcock, US Chief Digital & Global Brand Safety Officer at UM for a conversation on the current media market, sports being canceled, brand safety and how the larger media industry is responding to COVID-19.

Later in the show, special guest interviewer Huw Griffiths, UM’s Chief Product Officer sits down with Foursquare’s CEO David Shim to discuss Foursquare’s latest report on COVID-19 impact on retail foot traffic.

In this episode:
Jon Stimmel on the state of media investments, how media partners are responding to COVID-19, sports being canceled and the Olympics being postponed and investing through a potential recession
Joshua Lowcock on brand safety, respectful content, consumer sentiment on brands appearing next to COVID-19 content and how the industry is being proactive in their response to COVID-19. Hint, don’t negative keyword target Coronavirus.
Foursquare’s CEO, David Shim is interviewed by UM’s Chief Product Officer Huw Griffiths on their recent report about COVID-19 and its impact on retail foot traffic.
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We share our special WFH productivity hacks
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